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Sunday, January 08, 2006


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''Wasted Trade Summit''

Washington Post, 12/21/05

''The Stakes in Hong Kong''

Washington Post, 12/13/05

''Chinese Textiles: Quotas Not a Solution''

Kansas City Star, 11/28/05

''Cow Politics''

New York Times, 10/27/05

''Bush Starts to Bat for Free Trade''

Christian Science Monitor, 10/17/05

''Looming Trade War''

Baltimore Sun, 10-13-05

''Serious About Trade?''

Washington Post, 09/17/05

''Promises, Promises''

New York Times, 08/22/05

''European Model is No Model for Us''

Daniel Weintraub, Sacramento Bee, 08/15/05

''Melissa Bean's Brave Vote''

Chicago Tribune, 07/29/05

''Democrats and CAFTA''

Wall Street Journal, 07/09/05

''US Should Face Facts: China's a Big Part of its Future''

Pat M. Holt, Christian Science Monitor, 07/06/05

''Let Saudis Join the WTO''

Christian Science Monitor, 06/24/05

''Tariff Disaster Offers a Lesson on the Folly of Protectionism''

Thomas Sowell, Baltimore Sun, 06/16/06

''CAFTA Is a Win-Win''

Robert Zoellick, The Washington Post, 05/23/05

''Free Trade�s Destiny in CAFTA''

The Christian Science Monitor, 05/11/05




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